By Christy Toledo - May 15, 2017

1 Girl. 1 Mission.

February 5th, 2012 a 27 year old by the name of Christy Toledo, was in a near death auto accident. The accident took place late night after her bartending shift at the Blue Martini in Orlando, Florida off I-75. Christy was heading back to her friend's house in Tampa, Florida who she was temporarily staying with at the time. Christy was told her car veered off the interstate and flipped about five times. According to the accident report her body was discovered 50 feet from the vehicle. Christy has tried hard to find out how her made the distance, and who found her, but she still does not know. Christy still continues to research it. The accident report did not say much. Eventually Christy received a phone call from a sergeant who told her she was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center unconscious, when the emergency team implanted a trach and feeding tube. There was no 
expectation of Christy waking back up. Being the validation for such  a minimally detailed accident report. 

Christy remained in a coma for around five to six weeks at the ORMC. When she regained consciousness her life was dramatically impacted with a traumatic brain injury, liver laceration, lung confusion, neck subluxation, amnesia, epilepsy, fractured lumbar spine and a fractured pelvis with pins implanted. The pins were surgically removed a few months later where she mentioned her healing time was terribly painful.

Despite for Christy having to face constant pain on a daily basis, a multitude of expenses, and healing being an ongoing process seeming like she is never going to reach the finish line, Christy said, "words cannot describe how blessed I am to still be alive, or the gratitude I have towards those who stuck by my side and supported me along the journey. On the bright side, I now know who my ride-or-dies are."

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