In Christy's second chance at life, she actively continues giving her all towards the successful development of an EFFECTIVE rehabilitation program. She's targeting the program on lives of those who have survived a traumatic brain injury, along with strengthening support systems and knowledge of an individual's caregiver. 

Christy’s determination of this program will not only furnish effective lifelong results and be easily accessible to both parties, but also make significant improvements in individuals' quality of life. Meanwhile, Christy will continue her efforts towards making a positive impact on other's lives as much as she can through her blogging efforts on the Giving Her All blog where she is targeting the value of personal development and brain injury awareness.  

100% of all donations support improving traumatic brain injury survivors' rehabilitation and a passion for awareness. Even just a $5 donation can make a difference! Subscribe and help spread the word!

I couldn't find success. So I went ahead without it. Christy Toledo