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Healing is an ongoing process, but for Christy there are some specific things that have helped along the way:
  1. Keeping track of everything to care of her daily hygiene. Listing these things with a dry erase marker on her bathroom mirror helped Christy daily through her morning and evening routines.
  2. Recognizing what she is not supposed to say. Deciding what TO SAY, what NOT TO SAY and WHEN to say WHAT, are not easy tasks to conquer. She hasn’t mastered them yet, but certainly aims There are things she is supposed to talk only to certain people about, and some things she should keep to herself. When she is being upfront and honest with someone, she cannot assume whatever she is saying or doing is right, just because in her head, being truthful is “the way she is supposed to be” based on what she has heard. Believe it or not, oddly enough, that is not always the case! Learning how to RECOGNIZE which is which is vital.
  3. Do not believe what everyone says. Do your own research. Discover your own truth. Know who you can talk to with the confidence you will be given honest feedback from them. What prescriptions must she take daily, how many times a day, how many pills in each dosage and how to stay on a schedule with her doctors so she does not run out of her medications. How to keep herself on track. Christy tries to find simple ways to include all things she needs to do such as her appointments, yoga classes, homework, social life, fitness, etc. 
  4. Figuring out the most effective ways that can progressively help manage pain. 
  5. A therapist is a must have. Someone to tell everything to with the knowledge it will be kept confidential.
  6. "I must constantly fight hard to make each of my days better. That’s the way it is. Accept it, don’t give up, and keep going."
  7.  YouTube and the Word synonym tool are necessities she feels she cannot live without.
  8. Keep the alcohol drinking to a MINIMUM. If any, but not drinking AT ALL is the best case scenario-by a long shot. 
  9. "I’ve been working on how to stop talking out loud as much while being overwhelmingly passionate about things."
"For me, moving forward is about resilience. Why? I’ve learned that being resilient to words people say about, to, and against me have subconsciously built up an ulterior strength within me. This strength is like a shield that gives me the power to just keep going. To be resilient means to keep moving forward despite having the odds stacked against me. Just to keep it moving and continue giving my all every single day, gripping onto the hope it’ll all make perfect sense at some point. How the next day and the day after that aren’t going to feel the same. Resilience has aided me in finding somewhere I can fit in, and enjoy what I’m doing. Also, being resilient in my situation has created the ability for me to have a positive impact on others. I'm not depressed anymore. I’m quite happy with myself at this point. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have a long list of goals I’m going to achieve, or die trying. Haha, that’s the fight in me talking out loud. Resilience has abetted me in accepting the new Christy you could say. Vinyasa yoga has helped improve my pain and flexibility a lot. I’m sure my sanity too. I haven’t tried much meditation yet, but I plan to, although I tried a breathing exercise on Kevin’s Instagram last night and loved it! I want to get good at it.I don’t know why, but when I start feeling fatigued or when I just want to write my mind on paper, sitting by the ocean really helps calm me. I think I’m a bit hyperactive, but I’ve noticed when I wake up and go straight to the gym, get on the treadmill at 3.4 speed and just go for an hour.It really helps motivate me about my day and somehow makes it easier for me to fall asleep when I hop into bed. I also participate in Vinyasa yoga, instructed by Di, only 2 times a week hosted at Suncoast Fitness in St. Petersburg, FL. It has helped build my strength, improve my flexibility, and ease my thoughts to a noticeable degree. As I move forward in this journey and look to the future, I’m planning on one day starting a YouTube channel and raising money to develop an app for TBI survivors. Like a life coach in a sense, and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to teach survivors how to use it, or make it very simple and self-explanatory. It would also be nice to make hospitals aware of the app one day so they'll be able to reference it and help others who have been affected by brain injury."

xo, Chris

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