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Her Habits & Lessons Learned

  1. Turn on a playlist after waking up and get ready for the day. 
  2. Always keep things in the same place.
  3. If in college, apply for grants and earn to save as much money possible.
  4. Have a bed time and stick to it.
  5. Keep yourself disciplined.
  6. Build a well respected reputation with value. (reputation is worth more then money)
  7. Turn off a light if you aren't using it. Don't waste electricity. 
  8. Save all of your accounts login data in ONE place. (not online-or anywhere on a device for that matter) 20180827
  9. If you're not using a light turn it off.
  10. If you have issues with back pain, don't cross your legs. (it contributes to the pain).
  11. Pay credit cards off early and in full every month.
  12. Believe you can.
  13. Don't talk about other people unless you have something nice to say. 
  14. Think win win.
  15. Remember to add the date. (a memo too is very helpful). 2018-07-10
  16. Volunteer doing things you care about and/or can relate to. (are passionate towards-passion is priceless #rememberthat). 20180827
  17. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes in sunlight daily.
  18. Always consolidate. Less is more. 
  19. Do the best you can. When you're present, be there entirely. Give it your all every single time. 
  20. Stay consistent.
  21. Wash your hands every chance you get.
  22. Don't rub your face with your hands.
  23. Keep receipts in separate envelopes titled: gas receipts, medical receipts, food receipts, etc. (you get the idea).
  24. Once a week do something physical you really enjoy. 
  25. Title all your documents.
  26. Discover how many hours of sleep everyday work best for your body.
  27. Don't use the term "sorry" loosely. (terrible habit-just don't do it-you're lessening the value of the word it its totality)
  28. If you start selling yourself short, stop immediately when you feel the negative energy flowing and take a nap. (give your brain a break)
  29. Do what you love.
  30. When having a hard time in life always validate and remember there is nothing promised when someone gives you advice about a something, but has no experience in it. 10/07/2013
  31. College is the only form of security in life you will ever have. Do everything you can to not get another F! Always get tutoring to achieve that goal. 10/07/2013
  32. Check into an urgent care, walk in clinic or even a doctor's office via an app such as 'QLESS,' before even heading to the office. It should alert you with your spot in line so you can save time and having to spend the least amount of your minutes waiting in a germ infested waiting room until you're called back to be seen. Yuck. I know...You're welcome :).
  33. Always show your appreciation. 20180827
  34. Don't save time for people who don't save time for you. If someone wants to be in your life, they'll make an effort. The end. 20180827
  35. For neck or back pain sleep on a frozen gel pad you keep stored in the freezer.
  36. Don't date anyone with social media accounts unless you're sharing login info from the jump. Just don't waste your time or heartache. Most people aren't who they pretend to be no matter how long you think you've known somebody. Keep your wall up.
  37. Don't date somebody in the military unless they bring you along for the ride. 20180925'
  38. The moment your gut tells you something is off... believe it. Stay quiet, let it go and move on.20180827
  39. Consistency is key.20180925
  40. Never expect someone to love like you do or be as honest as you are. Everybody has their own agenda.20180925
  41. Embrace who YOU are. Embellish on it. You'll surprise yourself. (the sooner you start doing this-and be ALL IN-the better xoxo).20181014
  42. Never let someone's judgement of you alter the way you internally feel about yourself no matter who they are to you or what kind of relationship you have with them. Family, friends, coach, stranger, manager I don't care who they are. Don't let it disturb you. Tunnel vision them right out of the way and keep going forward with yourself as the YOU who makes you look forward to tomorrow. Just keep it real.20181020
  43. To be Randomly Continued...
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